Web Application

Your business's website is the window into what your business actually does and stands to give your clients the first impressions. Our web development team have the expertise in suggesting what your website is missing. With clients spread across a variety of sectors, we know the kind of visual and utility enrichment that your website requires. Our services include

  • Website Design
  • Web Brochure Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Usability Web Design
  • Website Hosting

How we work !

  • Proposal – Our web design specialists will perform a needs evaluation that will encompass all aspects of site design and functionality through client interaction.
  • Statement of work - This stage of software development begins after the acceptance of the proposal. The Statement of work includes software development / web application development flow charts as well a process documentation detailing the operational flow of the proposed solution.
  • Proof of work – A working prototype of the software development / web application development is presented to the client for functionality review prior to the delivery of the final, completed product.
  • Web Solution Delivery - Delivery of the final software / web application product to the client.